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Are these award-winning brands the future of beauty?

SEPT 21, 2017

Ahead of this month’s first-ever Beauty & Money conference, a selection of beauty-related businesses has spotlighted by a panel of industry leaders for their commitment to innovation. What’s interesting is that the smaller names have become the biggest players.

‘Today’s beauty consumers are looking for what’s next, and that gives these companies an advantage,’ Forbes explains. ‘The larger players in the industry are also looking; they have made a lot of acquisitions in the last several years and are still on the hunt. All these young companies have a new idea that has gotten traction. Which of these endure and succeed, will depend largely on how they execute their plans.’

Here are four you’ll want to look out for…


Also an ipsy partner, this brand ‘simplifies how you use and apply makeup’. Trèstique’s Essential 8 Set offers eight shade-matched 2-in-1 products that combine high-performance formulas with tools for easy application. They say their routine takes 5 minutes, while the compact-sized range weighs .05lbs making it perfect for packing on vacation or taking with you wherever you go. 

ZIIP Beauty

Meet the first facial skincare device you can operate using a smartphone app. Developed by esthetician Melanie Simon due to the increasing demand for in-office consultations, ZIIP Beauty allows you to download a range of treatments, each helping address a specific issue from acne to fine lines and wrinkles, you can experience in your own time. The technology behind the device itself is pretty groundbreaking, too: nano electrical currents stimulate naturally occurring chemicals in the body to repair damaged skin cells.

Surratt Beauty

Emblematic of founder and renowned MUA Troy Surratt’s artistic vision, Surratt Beauty is centered around a customizable approach to makeup, with products that utilize ‘mesmeric colors and sumptuous formulas’, to help you express your individuality. The range is made in Japan by producers who strive for Otaku (obsessive mastery), using the country’s advanced materials and forward-thinking formulas.

Beauty Bakerie

With its own store in San Diego and online retailers like ASOS and Cult Beauty picking up the range, Beauty Bakerie is bringing its values-focused agenda to the masses. ‘I wanted to create a brand that contradicted the popular “bad girl” persona the mainstream was pedaling,’ explains founder Cashmere Nicole, ‘to show girls that there’s nothing wrong with upholding a sweet and friendly nature.’  Her sweet, cruelty-free products are a testament to this philosophy.

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