Algorithm Changes on Facebook: What Does It Mean For You?


APR 26, 2018:

There’s been a slew of changes and buzz in recent weeks over Facebook, opening up much debate and controversy over how advertisers and brands get and use data. While many of the questions are still being worked through by the powers that be at Facebook, one update is especially significant for content creators and brands that advertise on the platform.

Facebook announced its News Feed algorithm change mid-January – so while it’s not entirely new, it’s important to bring up during all this chatter and think about what, if any, impacts it will have. ICYMI, the algorithm change will now favor and prioritize showing content based on “meaningful social interactions” and less with content from brands.

Facebook is definitely stepping back and focusing on the social community environment that it was built upon. In a way, this is a much awaited and not surprising move to go back to its roots. In other words, showing more pictures of your friend’s dog or status of your aunt at her high school reunion.

In essence, this isn’t the greatest news for organic social. But brands (which mostly focus on paid social activity) shouldn’t be impacted significantly. As users continue to interact and engage (like, comment, share) with brands they love, it will likely become a part of the new, prioritized Facebook landscape. For influencer content with high user-engagement, this is even better news, as it has the potential to be placed over brands. What Facebook can offer brands and influencers will remain and if anything, will likely be enhanced as a result.

What are your thoughts on the new Facebook algorithm?

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