Not A Fan Of Airplane Food? Here’s What To Bring With You On Your Next Flight

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JUNE 5, 2018:

We often talk about what to do to take care of your skin pre, during, and post-flight (find out more on all that, here), but what you’re eating is just as important if you want to land to your given destination feeling like your best self. Food options at most airports and in-flight are often limited, overpriced, and packed with sodium, which is not ideal for your skin, mind, or body. Here are a few healthy(ish), filling, TSA-approved snacks that are not pretzels or peanuts that will have you covered until you land.


Avoid Sodium

Most airplane snacks are usually filled with sodium, which generally should be limited or avoided during flights in order to lessen puffiness, grogginess, and dehydration. Instead, opt for low or no sodium options like nuts (cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds) that don’t have additives, but are full of healthy fats and omega-3.


Fresh Over Prepackaged

This one’s a no-brainer and easier than it might seem. Opting for fresh veggies that are dipping-friendly (like carrots, red/orange/yellow peppers,  and celery) is mess-free and doesn’t require much prepping. Dips, hummus, and guac are all available in travel-size containers (try Hummustir’s Mediterranean flavor) that won’t subject you to extra time at security. For fruits, choose options like apples and bananas you can eat whole, or blueberries,  which also pair well with mini-yogurt containers and are filled with antioxidants. Dried fruit (we love Bare’s organic baked apple chips, as well as dried mango, apricots, figs) is also perfect to have as a pick-me-up on long-haul flights or as a healthy dessert option.


Make Use of Airplane Kitchens

Instant oatmeal packs are easy to carry, filling, and require minimal work. Flight attendants are more than happy to give you hot water and a bowl, so don’t be shy to ask! Some (like these Quaker Oats come with a bowl). Any of the aforementioned fruit toppings make this a super-easy breakfast that will keep you full for hours without the greasy feeling. Add travel-friendly, pre-packaged nut butter without additive sugars (like Justin’s Squeeze Packs) for a protein boost. Although most flights do give you tea, it’s usually a highly caffeinated black tea, which is not ideal for overnight flight or red eyes. Bring tummy-soothing options like this ginger-based digestive tea (non-laxative!), which is ideal for post-meal debloating or to soothe upset stomachs. Numi’s chamomile wellness tea has restorative properties, while Yogi Relaxed Mind is an alternative to sleeping aids.


Bars (No, Not That Kind) Are Your Friend

Skip the chocolate and candy bars at duty-free, which are crash-inducing. Instead pack bars that are low in ingredient count, high in healthy fats, and filled with good sugars for a quick boost of energy. A few that we’re currently loving and munching on: LivBar (gluten, corn, and lactose-free), Amrita (for a protein-induced energy kick), and the mint-chocolate chip Health Warrior superfood bars, which are rich in fiber.


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