Welcome! Introducing ipsy Open Studios, a groundbreaking new concept in beauty that champions the creator. Offering ready access to studio space, video production equipment and collaborations, ipsy is making it easier for beauty creators to hone their craft and stay savvy on what’s trending in digital media. No strings attached.

That’s right. No agents. No commissions. No commitments. No exclusivities. Basically, there’s no pressure at ipsy Open Studios!

Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I don’t live in LA, is that OK? Of Course! We have our studio and frequent events in Santa Monica, CA, but we also have opportunities to collaborate with ipsy though Glam Bag Videos as well as a supportive and informative private Facebook group. We also host events around the country that you will get discounted rates to attend.
  •  I’m already a member of another MCN (or blogger network), is that OK? Yep, there are absolutely no contracts or exclusivity with ipsyOS. We welcome everyone and for paid opportunities, we can work closely with your management.
  •  I don’t have a YouTube channel, is that OK? We are looking for digital beauty creators on all platforms. If you do not have a YouTube presence, please be sure to mention your other channels in your application. If you do not have a YouTube channel, make sure that your Instagram account is public.
  •  I’m just getting started, what are the requirements for getting accepted? We are looking for passionate beauty creators from around the world. We approve members based on a combination of quality of content and member engagement. (Please note that you will only receive an email response if you are accepted)
  •  This seems too good to be true… What’s the catch? There really are no catches. We have developed the free ipsy Open Studios platform as a way for us to give back to the community and to help develop future beauty creator superstars.
  •  What are the benefit of being a part of ipsy Open Studios? Once you are accepted, you are added to our database of creators. Any time we have an opportunity (we have about 5+ opportunities per week) we look through our database and reach out to creators that best fit the opportunity. Below are some examples:
    • Paid Glam Bag Videos (available to 24 states)
    • ipsy original video shoots (shot in our Santa Monica Studio)
    • ipsy photoshoots (shot in our Santa Monica Studio)
    • Free use of our studio in Santa Monica
    • Event invites (around the country)
    • Access to our Facebook Forum
  • I have more questions! Head on over to our Contact Us page and our team will get back to you ASAP!