A Guide to Beating Jet Lag

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MAY 24, 2018:

A trip abroad is often filled with anticipation and excitement. But the first day off the plane? Not so much. Jet lag is the unfortunate result of your body and mind reacting to you crossing time zones. It is often accompanied by hangover-like symptoms, including grogginess, tiredness, and confusion. While preventing jet lag is near impossible, we’ve gathered a list of ways to help alleviate the symptoms of jet lag before, during, and after flight so that you can get the most out of your trip.


Try to get your body used to the time difference of wherever you’re going. If the time zone difference is significant, consider starting to eat dinner and going to bed earlier (or later, if you’re headed west) so that your natural body clock has more time to adapt to the time change. Eat as clean as possible (limit caffeine, fatty foods, and alcohol) the days leading up to your flight, which will help keep your energy levels high.



While loading up on vodka cranberries and endless bags of pretzels might seem like a good idea during your flight, you might regret it when you land. Try to eat a balanced meal during your flight and pack fuss-free, nutritious snacks (like nuts) to munch on if in-flight meals are not your thing. Trying to avoid crash-inducing foods is key. And of course, amp up your water intake throughout your journey to prevent dehydration, which your skin will also thank.



Although it’s definitely easier said than done, try to stay awake while it’s daylight and sleep only when it’s dark. Expose yourself to as much sun and fresh air as possible, which will aid in resetting your body’s circadian rhythm. And if you do find yourself up counting sheep, work it out (check out some of the current coast-to-coast workouts we’re obsessing over).

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