6 Ways To Make Your Social Media Super Searchable #ipsyOS

6 Ways To Make Your Social Media Super Searchable

JAN. 17, 2017:

Being a content creator isn’t all about creativity, it requires a strategy. And if you want to grow your audience, views and clout, you need to make yourself super easy to find online. Below, we have outlined six ways to make yourself, your channel and your blog more searchable.

Use keywords for research

We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but keywords are the key to search! Make content using one primary keyword and one secondary keyword and you’re good to go. For example, if someone is looking for a video tutorial on easy short hairstyles, they will most likely search for “easy short hairdos,” so make sure your title includes “easy” and “short hair” for maximum searchability.

Understand Google’s content requirements

Google is a treasure trove for best practices on headings, URLs and internal and external links, but their requirements change to adapt with the times. To stay up to date, subscribe to industry newsletters like Moz.

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Promote your videos, not your channel

Most viewers find your content because of the subject matter, not because they’re necessarily looking for YOU. Rather than simply promoting you channel or blog, promote specific pieces of content that can add to the conversation.

Make evergreen content

We’ve discussed evergreen content on the blog many times before, and it’s so essential to showing up in search results. Think how-tos, guides and tutorials that have longevity beyond seasonal trends.

Discover new communities

Reddit’s communities are a wonderful source of traffic, since you can speak directly to a group of dedicated, like-minded people. Fashion and beauty communities on Facebook are also supportive places to share content and ideas.

Set alerts

Google Alerts is a great (free) way to stay on top of various keywords that are relevant to you and your brand. They can also feed your brain with excellent content ideas. For a paid SEO ranking tool, try Sheer SEO.

Do you have search tips that have helped you? Share in the comments!

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