6 New Tools That Blocks The Haters on YouTube #ipsyOS

6 New Tools That Blocks The Haters on YouTube

NOV. 30, 2016:

One of the most effective ways to build your YouTube audience is to engage with them in your feed, by responding to their individual comments.  Unfortunately, doing so is basically a full time job in itself, especially if you have a healthy subscriber number. To streamline the process of controlling comments, YouTube has created six tools, highlighted below.

Pinned comments
You can now promote a single comment by pinning it to the top of your feed. This allows you to highlight particular comments from certain followers, this new feature creates a new way to engage.

Creator hearts
If you love something a follower has commented, tell them! New Creator Hearts let you quickly show love.

Creator usernames
This new feature allows your comments to really pop out in the comment feed. Your comments will appear in the feed in an alternate color, allowing commenters to easily see when a comment is from you.

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Choose moderators
In the beginning of the year, YouTube added a new moderator feature that lets you delegate moderation to people and followers you trust.

Blacklist words
Unfortunately, YouTube can be an ugly place. Thankfully, the platform now allows you to blacklist certain words from your comments.

Hold comments for review
This new beta feature uses an algorithm to identify key words, phrases and commenters that may be harmful for your feed. It then holds these comments for your review and uses your feedback—whether you approve it or delete it—to better understand your feed.

6 New Tools That Blocks The Haters on YouTube #ipsyOS

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