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5 Ways To Get Out Of a Vlogging Rut

AUG 2, 2016:

If you look at your channel and just think: “Ugh, I’m bored,” or “My content isn’t compelling anymore,” or “I don’t want to do this,” you may be in a creative rut.  The good news is, creative ruts are temporary and they happen to every creative person. Here are five ways to get yourself out of a rut and back in business.

Step away
When you’re in a rut, your first instinct may be to hunker down and try to create even more content.  Don’t.  During this time, your creative juices have run dry, and you need to take a break to let them start flowing again.  Let your audience know that you’ll be taking some time off, perhaps a week or two, and be honest.  A short video explaining why you need to take a little break will give help create a personal connection.  If you’re worried about being forgotten about, just know that there is a reason why people watch your videos.  They are here for you now, and they will be here for you two weeks from now.

Here at ipsyOS, we have lauded the benefits of disconnecting from social media and the internet many times.  This time is no different.  Disconnecting for a few days allows you to get your creative brain working again, on its own, without distraction.  Take it one day at a time and see how you do. You may find that your best ideas come when you’re “disconnected.”

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Find inspo elsewhere
You may search for inspiration from other vloggers, bloggers, social media sites and magazines, but searching for inspiration outside your comfort zone is a great way to get out of a rut.  Head to the drug store or Sephora to see if there are any new products out, or go to the movies.  Interview your friends about what they would like to see on your channel.

Create something for just you
As a vlogger, you’re constantly creating content for others.  Instead, try creating something just for you, that only you will see.  Perhaps it’s time to update your vision board or maybe you keep a poetry journal.  By setting aside time for your own personal creativity, you’ll take the pressure off and open your mind to new ideas.

Collaborate outside your network
Beauty vloggers tend to stay in their beauty world when it comes to collaborations, but thinking outside the beauty box may help you get out of your rut.  Why not collaborate with a lifestyle, fitness or food brand for a change?  You’ll be forced to think about new video ideas, and you’ll expand your audience.

Are you struggling to get out of a creative rut? Sound off in the comments!

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