5 Beauty Products To Stop Spending $$$ On #ipsyOS

5 Beauty Products To Stop Spending $$$ On

FEB. 14, 2017:

Here at ipsyOS, we’re all about trying new products and formulas, but when you’re just launching your blogging or vlogging brand, keeping a tightly edited makeup bag is better for your wallet. The following beauty products can be superfluous (we explain why below), so leave it to the beauty brands to give you some freebies.

Pore Strips
Who doesn’t like a night in with the girls, some Netflix and some pore strips? Though they are fun, pore strips are gimmicky, and they actually do not get rid of blackheads long term. A much better bet? Incorporating salicylic acid into your nighttime regimen—it will attack blackheads on a much deeper level.

Eye Primer
For a night out, you want your make-up to last through the after party, but purchasing a dedicated eye shadow primer is totally unnecessary. Instead, just use your normal concealer and setting powder to make your look last—a touch of concealer blended with a sponge and a light touch of loose powder will keep the color in place.

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Décolletage Products
Your décolletage requires love, but the skin there is similar to your face, so it doesn’t require any other products—we’re looking at you, “breast cream.” Use your regular moisturizer and plenty of sunscreen. If you have a few scars or dark spots, your normal retinol product should take care of it.

Brush Cleaner
While regularly cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin clear and healthy, make-up brush cleanser is basically snake oil. Instead, pick-up some cheapo baby shampoo or use a little dish soap.

Foot Products
We’re about to drop some knowledge on you, so get ready. Ready? Here it goes. There is no difference between heavy duty foot creams and scrubs and the other rich creams and exfoliating scrubs in your arsenal. Not one. Same ingredients, same results. Just treat your feet like you do the rest of your bod, okay?

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