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How To Be A More Compelling Storyteller

AUG 24, 2016:

There are a million ways to tell a story, but the way you put your own personal spin on it, is what separates you from the rest.  Read on for four ways to up your storytelling game and broaden your audience.

Make it personal
Part of what makes people effective storytellers is their ability to connect with their audience.  They make their audience feel like they are speaking to them, like it’s a one-on-one relationship.  Adding personal anecdotes is an ideal way to connect with your audience.  For example, if you were desperately upset that your favorite shade of lipstick was discontinued, tell your audience why!  Share, be generous and ask them their opinion.

Share feelings and insecurities
Piggybacking off of the above, sharing your own insecurities helps you better connect with your audience.  For example, perhaps you haven’t worn red lipstick since your high school prom, when your ex boyfriend failed to tell you that you had lipstick on your teeth all night (what a jerk!).  Sharing these stories humanizes you and lets the audience know that you are real.

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Be honest
No one likes a vlogger that is a panderer.  If you don’t like a product or brand, don’t lie to please your audience and the brand.  Be honest, be tactful and be yourself.

The same goes for the opposite.  If you absolutely love a brand or product, go ahead and gush.  Why is it your favorite?  And why are you recommending it?  Think about how you would recommend a product to a close friend, with zero filters.

Inspire your audience
If you use affiliate links, a compelling story will inspire your audience to make a purchase, which puts money in your pocket.  If you’re highlighting a specific product, do your research.  Does the product come in different shades?  Is it good for combination skin?  Is the packaging adorable?  How can you get your audience as excited about what you’re talking about as you are?

Do you more tips for better storytelling?  Share with us in the comments!

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