4 Ways to Authentically Grow Your Instagram by @kallie_branciforte

JUNE 19, 2017:

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game on social media. You want to have more followers, more likes, and more comments. This leads many influencers to consider often frowned upon methods of growing their accounts like follow/unfollow or purchasing followers from an app. While this makes you appear to have a strong following, it’s only skin deep and ends up hurting your engagement in the long term.

Instead, you need to be taking the time to have real connections and conversations across your platforms if you want your presence to be valuable. Here are four simple ways to be more authentic on Instagram and use it to grow your following and fanbase.

Post Longer Captions
Posts with longer captions allow you to let your personality shine through. These types of posts typically have seen a higher amount of engagement as people react and comment back to what you’re writing about.  

Use Instagram Stories
Being active on Instagram Stories will allow you to have conversations with your followers. It gives you a chance to show more of your personality and allows your followers to connect with you. Plus, in the sea of Instagrammers, any chance you have to help someone get to know you better will help ensure they remain a follower.

Craft Authentic Comments
Leave real comments on other pictures. Take the extra 20 seconds it’ll take to read the caption of the image and write a genuine comment. Respond directly to the person, tell a personal connection, or ask a question instead of just double tapping or leaving an emoji.

Join Instagram Pods
Instagram Pods are groups of Instagrammers who create a group message in Instagram.  Whenever a new picture is posted to Instagram, you share it to your “pod,” and they make sure to comment, like, and engage with the picture helping boost you in the Instagram algorithm.
The best perk of being in pods is you’ll develop some insta-friends who are in your same niche/industry. Networking and collaborating with others is always a great way to expand your reach.

What tips have helped boost your Instagram engagement? Share your tips in the comments! 

Author: Kallie Branciforte
Caffeinate And Conquer – www.caffeinateandconquer.com
Instagram: @kallie_branciforte

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