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3 YouTube Tips From L’Oreal That Will Work For You

AUG 18, 2016:

In June, L’Oreal was the number one beauty brand on YouTube, with 89.3 million views, far surpassing Olay at #2 with 63.9 million views and Dove at #3 with 63.8 million views.  Though L’Oreal is a huge, global brand, we can still learn a lot from their video strategy. Here are three key takeaways:

Diversify as needed
Have you ever thought about starting another channel?  It probably seems counter-intuitive, but it works for L’Oreal and could work for you.  The beauty brand has 61 individual channels, all catering to a different audience.  Perhaps you speak a second language, or maybe you want to start a channel about nutrition and wellness—taking your audience from your first channel and creating another niche may boost your overall engagement.

Focus on “glocal” content
What is glocal content?  It is content that thinks both globally and locally.
L’Oreal posts general videos across all its properties, but also focuses on niche audiences as needed.  For example, L’Oreal Brazil’s page generated 7 million views on a video reviewing a Brazil-specific product.

Think about the city that you live in. Perhaps you can do a video on your favorite spas or beauty stores.  That is for your local fans. You can also do a winged eyeliner video that everyone all over the world can enjoy—that is your global content.

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Bring in “real women”
One of the most amazing things about L’Oreal’s various YouTube channels is their incorporation of diversity, and with a little bit of work, you too can add diversity to your channel. Your fans are used to seeing makeup tutorials done on you, but if you are a brown-haired women with olive skin and green eyes, that is the only example you’re providing.  Collaborate with other beauty vloggers, or just use your friends, to show a more diverse look.
For example, if you’re known for your insane contouring, but you have olive skin like Kim Kardashian, why not make a video in which you provide step by step contouring and products for a fair skinned woman?  Or perhaps a woman over the age of 60?  We don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world, and channels that embrace this idea will gain followers.

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