3 TIPS to SLAY the Social Media Game with Rachel McCord

3 TIPS to SLAY the Social Media Game with Rachel McCord #ipsyOpenStudios

NOV 17, 2017

Queen! I get you 💯! You’ve got a voice, you are talented AF, and you’re a trendsetter…now you just need EVERYONE to know about it! 

YASSSSS!!! I’m excited for you! But, WHAT now? 

No worries, I’ve got you! I’m gonna help you get YOUR voice out there, with tips to help you be the queen you were BORN to be!


1) Define your voice. I know it seems obvi, but, have you ever gone on someone’s Insta and seen everything from cats to UFOs and high heels? It’s as confusing as bad extensions. 

No, this can’t be YOU! You need to be strategic about your voice, so that people know what they’ll get from you! What do you want to be known for? Inspiration, fashion, beauty, sass, jaw-dropping hairstyles? Whatever it is, decide now, and be consistent! 

Want the good news? It doesn’t have to only be one! Yayyy praise emoji! You can be an inspiring fashionista, with a lot of sass! Whatever it is, get it down to (what we call in entertainment) a “logline” or (in business) your “elevator pitch.” If you can’t communicate WHO your brand is, in less time than an Instagram Story, you need to keep working at it. 

2) Post beautiful pics that communicate your brand. Think about your social feed style and colors, what do you want people to experience when they go on it? My “Slay with Rachel McCord” branding, for my iTunes podcast, uses red, white and black colors. It’s approachable AF and has tips for anyone with questions about boys, business, and branding. That’s why I used a photo of me smile-laughing. I am ALL about brand consistency, so we even used the exact same design style of my book cover, from “Slay the Fame Game”, for my podcast cover art. Yasssss!!!! Profile pic consistency anyone?

Take your time with your images and videos, too because, they MATTER. Stay on brand and don’t do 100% selfies. Even if you have to praying-hands your way up to innocent bystanders, when you are in that perfect #OOTD…hand them your cam or iPhone and get some GORGE shots of yourself (or whatever speaks to your brand)…and post those babies up with a few hashtags (just don’t go cray with hashtagging EVERYTHING). 

3) Be SOCIAL. It is called “social” media for a reason…you need to be meeting strangers, becoming friends (with people like me @iamRachelMcCord), and commenting/liking/loving/chatting! 

Just remember, if ANYONE acts weird/hateful/RUDE, block and report ASAP! You don’t need that negativity. I can’t stand cyberbullies, so I show them the hand, REAL quick! :) 

Most importantly: have fun, keep it safe, and don’t show IT ALL! Trust me, a free pic on Snap and some DMs are not worth your comfort, so NEVER do more than YOU are comfy with! 

Message me if you ever need some extra tips…I got you!! ipsy Open Studios is (obvi) an amazing resource for content creators too, so use what they share with you! 

Congrats on going for it, Queen! I’m SO excited to follow you back!



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