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3 Photo apps that do all the work for you

JULY 11, 2017:

Why would you do all that image admin work when there’s an app for that? Here are the latest downloads to get your photo process running like clockwork…

Editing: Mendr
Wouldn’t it be great if there was an Uber for Photoshop? Well, guess what? There is, and it’s called Mendr. Devised by two photographers/entrepreneurs from Dallas, Texas, who were constantly being asked to make edits to their friend’s images, this app literally delivers photo editing ‘on demand’. You simply open the app, select the photo you want to be edited, and choose the adjustments you want, then send it off and wait for the results.

Organize: EyeEm Selects
Once only a place where photographers would sell their photos, this Android app (soon to be rolled out to iPhone) comes with a helpful feature to help you figure out the best photos to post to social media – and sifting out the photos you should delete. Handy for when you need to free up some extra space, or just want to declutter your camera roll. How does Eyeem Selects know what makes a good photo? The company says it strives to surface images that ‘communicate strong stories with good composition, and [are] shot with technical mastery.’

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Sharing: Google Photos
With AI-powered Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries, the Google Photos app has become a more social experience. There have been attempts in the past to master this (see Flock and Bundle), and of course, Facebook uses similar technologies with its facial recognition feature, but these new Google features do so much more than organize and tag your friends. They have the power to turn your photos into collages, animations, and movies, as well as prompt you to share – even knowing who you typically share photos with, in addition to being able to identify the people in the photo that might want to receive it via the app, text or email.

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