20 Questions With Serein Wu: From Depression to YouTube success

20 Questions With Serein Wu: From Depression to YouTube success

JUNE 15, 2017:

Since starting out in 2014, Los Angeles-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and ipsyOS member, Serein Wu of Dress Yourself Happy has grown a following of over 95k YouTube subscribers and 47k fans on Instagram. And her ability to inspire this audience comes from her own genuine motivation.

‘I started watching YouTube videos because I was incredibly depressed,’ she says. ‘It was debilitating and I had lost all motivation at the time. Stumbling on the beauty community made me realize that all the therapy in the world wouldn’t help if I didn’t also “dress myself happy.”’

20 Questions With Serein Wu: From Depression to YouTube success #ipsyOS

Through YouTube, Serein found new ways to experiment with makeup and clothes, as well as support from the community. Soon something as simple as getting ready for her day was not only reigniting a teenage passion for beauty and fashion, but also helping her feel better.

Serein shares an authentic, balanced relationship with her audience. She says things like, ‘I want to make sure what you see on screen is what you’ll see when you buy the product. There’s no fancy lighting or filters…’ and that her latest series, Makeup Bag Mondays, helped ‘purge unused products [and] also it encourages those watching to rotate what they have at home.’

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We can’t wait for her next ideas. Until then, here’s how Serein answered our 20 quick-fire questions…

Describe your channel in one word: Wearable beauty.

Biggest YouTube milestone: Winning Tati’s giveaway last summer and getting to collaborate together. 

Biggest YouTube mishap: Mispronouncing Louboutin. I mispronounce a lot of a names and ingredients constantly. It’s my greatest downfall. 

What inspires you: My audience.

Lighting set-up of choice: Natural light.

Camera of choice: Canon 80D (the continued autofocus is life saving).

Favorite mascara: W3LL People.

Night owl or early-riser: Night owl.

Favorite YouTube channel: Currently obsessed with Valeria Lipovetsky.

Where do you see yourself in ten years: I’d love to continue making videos on YouTube and also expand my podcast, Behind The Beauty… There’s so much information and difference of opinion out there, I want to be able to bring different voices to share their expertise, and the podcast has been a great platform for this.

Favorite emoji: The Salsa Dancer 

Favorite social media platform: YouTube

Favorite book: Currently, A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Mass.

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