20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member Aja Dang #ipsyOpenStudios

20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member Aja Dang

OCT 30, 2017

TV host-turned-lifestyle blogger Aja Dang has been making videos for seven years, and now counts over 215k subscribers on YouTube. Her honest, charming personality, which has won her fans the world over, is also what caught the eye of Maxim Magazine in 2010, where she started a sports show for their online department called Maxim Sports 1 on 1 – interviewing athletes and learning how to play their sports.

‘As I was making all this content for them and starting to grow my brand as a sports host, I thought it would be smart to start uploading videos to YouTube to engage with my new audience,’ Aja explains. After moving to Fox Sports, she realized that she enjoyed the creative freedom of YouTube over the red tape that came with working in network TV. She soon left hosting a couple months later to work on her channel full time.

From her favorite early video, My Perfect Imperfections TAG (which she says ‘shows that you don’t have to be ashamed of your “imperfections”), to her latest Lookbook videos and the ‘realness’ of her Aja Does… series, Aja’s USP is clear. She’s 100% authentic and has a clear POV when it comes to beauty.

‘I believe you should spend more time on your skincare routine than your makeup routine,’ she explains. ‘I believe that makeup should enhance your natural features instead of completely changing the way you look. I believe that you have to believe in something more than how you look and what you’re wearing in a society that is as divided as ours is today. And I believe that everyone needs to have a support system that encourages them daily – and to many of my followers, I am that person for them.’

And her followers are her inspiration for new ideas, as well as cultural references like movies, TV shows, and commercials. ‘I always like to listen and see what my followers want to see from me content-wise, and I get creative inspiration as to unique ways of shooting through my everyday life.’

Want to know more? Here, Aja answers our 20 quick-fire questions…
Describe your channel in one word: Real.
Biggest YouTube Milestone: Haven’t hit it yet.
Biggest YouTube Mishap: Believing that you have to copy other popular YouTubers to be successful.
What inspires you: Inspiring others to be comfortable in their own skin.
Lighting set-up of choice: Natural lighting in front of a window. OR at the ipsy open studio  :)
Camera of choice: Canon G7X.
Favorite mascara: I don’t wear mascara.
Night owl or early-riser: Both. I wake up at 6.30am, I go to sleep around midnight.
Favorite YouTube channel: ToThe 9s, HeyClaire, Jim Reno.
Where do you see yourself in ten years: In a large grass meadow playing with all my foster dogs, watching Ina Garten cook on my outdoor grill, while waiting for Beyonce to come over to plan out total female world domination.
Favorite emoji: Drooling face.
Favorite social media platform: Snapchat (gasp).
Favorite book: The Five Love Languages.
Favorite way to relax: Hanging out with my dogs.
Describe yourself in one word: Authentic.
If I didn’t have my YouTube channel, I’d… be a holistic veterinarian.
Favorite movie: Depends on my mood but currently, When Harry Met Sally.
Favorite TV show: American Housewife (it’s a glimpse as to how I would be as a mother and wife btw).
Favorite childhood memory: Eating W&M burgers in the trunk of my mom’s old Volvo.
What’s your nickname: A-Yonce (only one person calls me that but I wouldn’t be mad if that actually caught on).

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