20 Questions With New ipsy in-house Creator Madison Miller

DEC. 06, 2016:

This ex- school teacher has quickly become a YouTube sensation, thanks to her videos ranging from playful hauls to how-tos to lifestyle videos. As a former ipsyOS member and ipsy’s newest in-house creator, we are excited to get to know Madison more and watch as her over 330k subscriber base expands. Here, she answers our 20 Questions!

  1. Describe your channel in one word: Beauty
  2. Biggest YouTube Milestone: Hitting 300k subscribers
  3. Biggest YouTube Mishap: Uploading a video that had an editing error, lol.
  4. What inspires you?  Hard working content creators.
  5. Lighting set-up of choice: Ring light in front of me, 2 soft boxes on both sides of me and 2 lotus lights on my background.
  6. Camera of choice: 80d, because the auto-focus and auto white balance is amazing!
  7. Favorite mascara: Benefit Roller Lash
  8. Night owl or early-riser?: Both :)
  9. Favorite YouTube channel: Casey Holmes
  10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?: Having a family, 2 dogs and still creating content on YouTube.
  11. Favorite emoji: The blushing smile Emoji
  12. Favorite social media platform: YouTube
  13. Favorite book: The Art of Racing in the Rain
  14. Favorite way to relax: In bed, watching Bravo or Lifetime
  15. Describe yourself in one word: Passionate
  16. If I didn’t have my YouTube channel, I’d… still be a Montessori Teacher.
  17. Favorite movie: Less Than Zero
  18. Favorite TV show: The OC
  19. Favorite childhood memory: Going to Disney World with my family
  20. What’s your nickname? Maddy

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