20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member and the ‘anti-glam’ Eleanor Barnes

20 questions with ipsy Open Studios member and the 'anti-glam' Eleanor Barnes

DEC 21, 2017:

Relative new kid on the YouTube block (but longstanding Instagram and Twitter champion) Eleanor Barnes, aka Snitchery, is the ‘anti-glam’ poster girl with an expertly curated look and just as distinctive personality. She’s captured her 457k followers on Instagram and over 90k on Twitter with this very individual mix of consistent creative direction and ‘quirkiness’ – for Eleanor, that’s her USP.

‘For a few months now, I’ve been crafting an Instagram feed based on this really intense, meticulous color coordination,’ she explains. ‘I’m definitely not the first to do it, but my wig/background/makeup style is pretty unique and cohesive. I also think that I’m considered fairly “anti-glam” in the industry. I absolutely love cut creases, Insta-brows and a snatched contour, but none of that has ever been my MO. I’m much more comfortable playing with blue face paint and craft glitter!’

Her earliest video on her YouTube channel is only a year old – ‘I’m pretty late to the YouTube game!’ – but is a prime example of this playful quality. ‘I found that as my following grew [on Instagram and Twitter],’ she says, ‘it became increasingly difficult to foster meaningful interactions with my audience. On Instagram, for example, I could tell that I was losing my personality in a sea of color blocking and aesthetics, so it was important for me to infuse the quirkiness that my followers originally signed up for back into my content. The best way to do that was through video!’

Entering this new platform comes with its challenges – she admits finding new ideas, especially as her channel is ‘so new’, is sometimes a ‘struggle’. But Eleanor knows staying true to herself is key: ‘I’m a crossroads between beauty/lifestyle/vlogging/fashion, etc. Right now, I’m just recording whatever feels natural at the appropriate time.’

The video that really sums up what she’s all about? ‘I’d say my tattoo video,’ she says. ‘Going through my body mods – most of which are pretty recent – really allowed me to flesh out some aspects of myself, my interests, and my past in a way that I definitely wasn’t expecting when I turned on the camera. Moving forward, I’d like the rest of my videos to be that open and personal.’

Want to know more? Here, Eleanor answers our 20 quick-fire questions…

Describe your channel in one word: Miscellaneous.

Biggest YouTube Milestone: (Hopefully) hitting 100k next week!

Biggest YouTube Mishap: Accidentally setting all my videos to private. Yikes.

What inspires you: My mama, certain periods of art history, the Travel Channel, ebay.

Lighting set-up of choice: Natural lighting – usually sitting in front of my basement window.

Camera of choice: My trusty dinosaur, the good ol’ Canon Rebel t3i.

Favorite mascara: Changes every day!

Night owl or early-riser: Definitely a night owl.

Favorite YouTube channel: LoeyLane and Kendall Rae lately; I looove conspiracy theories.  

Where do you see yourself in ten years: I’ve just gotten my bachelors degree. Maybe working in a museum? Maybe filming a YouTube video!

Favorite emoji: The whale.

Favorite social media platform: Instagram.

Favorite book: Harry Potter in its entirety, and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Favorite way to relax: Big on baths. And I never underestimate the power of a candle.

Describe yourself in one word: Stressed? Or growing. The latter sounds nicer. An organism needs stress to grow and all that jazz!

If I didn’t have my YouTube channel, I’d… talk out loud to myself even more than I do now haha!

Favorite movie: Spirited Away.

Favorite TV show: Avatar the Last Airbender.

Favorite childhood memory: Either going to China with my Grandma at age 8 or anything to do with Disney World.

What’s your nickname: Snitchery!


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